Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Tyger Princess Diary Entry 9

December 23, 2018

Dear Princess Diary,

I just got a delightful stocking full of gifts from the good people of Stonemarche. Thank you Aine, Harold, Dierdre, Keziah, Finnghualla, and of course Astridr and Alric!

In the spirit of giving I've also noticed a bunch of my Facebook friends are playing Secret Amazon Giftmas!

So, gentle reader, post your Amazon wishlist here and let other folks get things for you.

Please remember to:
- set a shipping address for your wishlist
- include some items that are reasonably priced
- accept that you may or may not get picked

And, of course, if you are in a place where you have spare cash, please consider getting things for other people to make their holiday season brighter.

The greatest gift of all today being a (hopeful) victory for my beloved Patriots!

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Princess Fortune

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