Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Tyger Queen Diary from a Year Ago today

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

This weekend His Majesty Ôzurr and I jetted off to the Sigtuna Market in Ruantallan (Nova Scotia). It was a trip made possible financially by the generosity of all of you through Our fundraiser, and logistically by Baron Guthfrith Yrlingson and Baroness Isobel Mowbray (including a drive to the airport this morning at 4:30am which I think we can all agree is above and beyond - even if you *are*in fealty to Us)

If you, like Us, have never visited Ruantallan I heartily endorse going. We had amazing event with wonderful hospitality, great competitions, amazing people, and delicious food. I regret nothing about this trip except for how short is has been. 

The Barony here is so clearly growing and thriving. I talked with multiple people about their targeted demos at local gaming conventions, and how they then work hard on retention. It shows. 

In fact, the last 3 events I've been to: Otter's Welcome, Panteria, and now Sigtuna we have either run out or nearly run out of Newcomers tokens. (No one's fault but my underestimating while packing!)

Otter's Welcome had *30* newcomers! Panteria had close to 20. This event had likely 15! (I must admit I stopped counting)

My glorious East Kingdom, you cannot know how proud I am to have this dilemma. I apologize that I ever underestimated you in welcoming newcomers into the Society. Clearly we are doing something right, and need to continue reaching out and also, like Ruantallan, making sure new members are supported while they find their place. Offer rides, offer encouragement, help folks with garb and feast gear, help pair people up with mentors, be open to answering questions, and be open to their perspective. 

One of the newer members I met came up and asked His Majesty and I what Our favorite parts of the SCA are. He said that people kept asking him and he decided to learn more about folks by asking the same question in return. It was a really good dialogue and both sides learned something. 

We later got to have drinks at a local pub as an informal post revel. We should have more of these for our day events. They bring the community together in a way events sometimes cannot because of how much is going on. It gives us a chance to stop and just *be* with each other. 

And if you are going through your spring cleaning and find a mug or two that could use a new home, I'm sure Lord Alexander Clarke would be willing to take them off your hands for the Newcomer Mug Initiative. 

So, again, a huge THANK YOU to Ruantallan for a wonderful visit and for setting an example for the East. 

And now, my wonderful Tygers, I'm going to take a brief nap and hopefully wake back up only when we land in Carolingia. 

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune

The backstory on this adventure was I was running a training in Syracuse NY (which is in Aethelmearc) and that Friday drove down to Newark NJ to meet up with Ozurr and we flew to Nova Scotia. Our flight got delayed a couple times, and we later learned from our doubt attendant that there was a pretty good chance we would have been diverted to Bangor because the fog makes it too hard to land. 

We were in Canada for about 24 hours and then I took a flight back to Boston and Ozurr got one back to Newark. 

I landed at 10am, got a rental at noon in Worcester, and drove back to Syracuse. 

The glamorous life of SCA Royalty!