Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Post Birka Post: Mostly Event Pictures

Well by now I'm sure you're wondering "Fortune, how did Birka go?" and "Fortune, do you ever want to sew again after Birka?" 

Well, gentle reader, Birka went well, and I did eventually want to sew again. 

I even smelled like strawberries!
Lady Fortune St Keyne as Lotso from Toy Story 3
Here is my finished dress. 

I even smelled like strawberries (a character feature of the villainous Lotso). Thank you Bath and Body works and your Fresh Strawberries Hand Cream. 

The fashion show went amazingly well. We had over 40 entries and many of them for the Pixar Queen's Challenge. Lady Syele runs the challenge and does a wonderful job. We had some very tough judges (Lady Elena, Mistress Albreda, Mistress Amelia Venture, and her Majesty and her advisors) and the wonderful Mistress Alys Mackyntoich volunteered to MC. 

My household members Gritta won an award for her amazing Crannach "Ham" (she's been in the SCA less than a year locally!) and Lady Bianca Anguissola won an award for her late period "Bo Peep". The overall winner was the most amazing WALL-E early Tudor by Lady Astrid. 

I somehow never got a full picture of Partysaurus Rex in his tunic by himself, but I will share construction pictures. Tho and I are still working on how to get his pants to be comfortable and stay up. 

Pictures of the event: 

Just pretend we're a nice normal family ok?
Most of House Strangewayes: Lady Bianca Anguissola, Lady Cecily Windham, Gritta,
Lady Elvira Ballesteros, Mistress Iulia Agricola, Lord Fearghas Randonneur,
Lady Lysken die Wayer, Lady Syele von Heidelberg, Lady Fortune St Keyne,
Erdene Qadijin, Jacquemine van Bel, Lord Thothreker Ogaefa
Jeremy (Mr. Syele)
Uh, guys. I asked you to do ONE THING
And we've reached punchy o'clock.
Lady Simona bat Leon, Lady Syele von Heidelberg, Lady Lysken die Wayer
Lady Fortune St Keyne, Gritta, Lady Elvira Ballesteros, Jacquemine van Bel, Lady Bianca Anguissola
Lord Hermankyn, Lord Thothreker Ogaefa
And once again: Jeremy. Who loves our darling Syele. 

Lady Syele ran the fashion show and had a lovely German gown that looked like Jesse from Toy Story, her loving and patient husband Jeremy had a Buzz Lightyear houppelande. 

Lady Simona and her husband Hermankyn were the green claw machine aliens from Toy Story

Let's just say family picture time this year was chaotic. 

We also have a tradition of taking ankle shots as a household: 
Ankles! Merciful heavens!
Mistress Iula refuses to show her ankles as she is wearing her work boots.
Mistress Iulia is a spoilsport of the first order. 

The other tradition we ladies indulge in are selfies in the executive ladies washroom by the Armory: 
Simona and I 

She's a Lady. Woah woah woah... She's a Lady...
Selfie time!
 Actually walking in the fashion show:

I volunteered to go first. Because I'm like that
I borrowed Master Ekkehardt's cane to complete the look. 
Twirling is an excellent pastime
And the twirl!

All in all it was yet another wonderful Birka!


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