Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fortune Favors Going to Court - a short rant

I posted this on Facebook, but wanted to put it here as well:

You know, avoiding Court isn't a badge of honor.


We're a Society. Court is the major way we recognize each other for helping weave the fabric of this Dream together.

It may not always be riveting entertainment to you, but someone is always riveted, because it's their friend, or child, or partner being recognized. Or they wrote that person in for the award because they hiked a mile into the event with someone else's gear because that person needed help, or they keep creating gorgeous scrolls for others and should be recognized for their art. Or whatever it is.

They deserve their moment and you should respect it enough that you don't boast about "dodging" court.

Do you often also complain about how you don't get "a cookie"?

Do you write people in for awards?

Yeah. Thought so.

We can't all be Princesses, somebody's gotta clap when we ride by. But you know what? Spend that time clapping for others, and it might just get to be your turn.

But maybe you can also just enjoy the sparkle in the eye of some newly made Lady, or the pride of place of an archery champion, or the outpouring of love at a peerage. Because it is the relationships that make the SCA work.

I'll get off my soap box now.

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