Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Dear Tyger Princess Diary: Entry 1

November 5, 2018

Throughout Crown Tourney on Saturday people kept coming up to me and asking with increasing frequency (and excitement) if I was ready. My reply was always the same: I have resources, and a great love of the East Kingdom.

It has been a very long time, 28 years, since an Unbelt won Crown Tournament. We were team #Peerless on Saturday. A Courtesan protege and apprentice, and a squire.

We were undefeated.

We get to take an incredible adventure now with our Kingdom and I thank you for the love that has already been showered upon us!

This photo sums up how my day went. Ôzurr is fighting Vlad in the final 4, I'm watching, holding hands with Mistress Molly (Vlad's consort), Mistress Elizabeth has her hand on my back and my household are behind me: Bianca, Iulia, Keziah, Lysken, Simona, & Tho. 

Thus begins my Princess Diary. 💛

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