Monday, March 30, 2020

Researching Oaths

His Highness and I are working with Master Malcolm Bowman on oaths for Coronation based upon the "Promission Ducal" sworn by the Doge of Venice at his Inauguration, specifically the Promission of Enrico Dandolo (1192-1205):

* To govern righteously according to justice

* To increase the prestige of Venice

* To readily do justice to everyone

* Apply the laws impartially

* Do justice to false documents

* Keep the secret of what was discussed in the councils

* Do not collect or appropriate assets or revenues due to the Municipality

* Do not grant anyone the seal of the Duchy

* To arm at least ten ships at the expense of the Municipality

* Not to influence the election of the Bishops and the Patriarch

* Do not send personal letters to the Pontiff, the Emperor or the Kings
* Not to appoint judges and notaries arbitrarily

* To respect collegiality in the management of power

So, despite being from 1192 many of the promises are surprisingly timeless (you do wonder if a couple of these have names on them, I'm looking at you - "do not send personal letters").

Although, with the great job Settmour Swamp did on our new *wooden* chests, I bet they could outfit 10 ships... 😉

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tyger Princess Diary: Damn Fine Toybox Runner

From a year ago today:

Dear Princess Diaries,

As I said this weekend at Black Rose Ball: I feel it's my job as Princess to make sure wishes come true. 

Thankfully, Talen is still talking to me and he did provide the most energetic and longest Toy Box run I have seen since Her Then Majesty of the West Ariah Hume. 

You see, a week before Talen had told me about his experience *not* running the toy box for the veloci-... I mean children of the East. Instead, he got to run it from the B-blocks to the battlefield and then to EK Royal. Then running behind B as he ran the toy box.

And I could just tell, in the way a Princess can tell, that this really, really, disappointed him. 

So, when on Saturday I had the opportunity to make his wish come true I took that chance and called him up to the front of Court. As His Majesty handed him the chest he made eye contact with me and I could tell from the look in his eye and the tight smile he made that he would remember this experience for a long time, and knew it was because of me. 

The fire in those eyes warmed my heart.

So Talen, thank you for running Saturday and bringing joy to our kingdom's future. And thank you for someday forgiving me. 

Love & Gilded Kisses,
Princess Fortune

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Princess Diary from a year ago

Dear Princess Diaries,

So, I'm going to let you in on a secret: this Royalty gig comes with a lot of "stuff". Crown boxes, and thrones, and largesse, and regalia, and and and...

But, even with all this new stuff, it turns out I still have this Chatelaine Soapbox kicking around here.

You see, I was the Chatelaine for my local group, the beautiful Shire of Quintavia, for several years. I resigned when we won. In fact, I resigned by text at 2am to my wonderful (and long suffering) Seneschal Sir Matthias Grunwald with the following message:

"Dear Matthias, I quit. Love, Princess Fortune"

But let me tell you, I firmly believe that each and every member of the SCA is a Chatelaine. 

And while recruitment is very important, I also don't want us to forget about retention. Those friends we had at events for years who had an attack of life and haven't been able to play, have you reached out to them lately? Even just a "Hey friend, thinking about you and it made me smile". Letting them know they are welcome back. 

Or have you reached out to the new person in your group who moved here from another kingdom and invited them out for a coffee (your Princess's favorite beverage) and to hear their stories of their home group. Letting them share their experiences before telling them what our local customs are.

Or have you reached out to the parents of toddlers who would love to go to an event but the task seems gargantuan when they think about wrangling their kid solo while one partner goes to the Thrown Weapons Range and who will help them if one kid starts crying while another wants to run toward the shiny swords!?!? Have you offered to help co-parent? Or offered to help them set up a tent area for the kids so you can sit and chat next to it and catch up? 

Or have you just talked to someone new at an event for a few minutes? Maybe they aren't a newcomer but they are a new face. Ask them about their cool belt pouch, or where they got that awesome hat? Are they having a fun event? Did they try *insert awesome Dayboard item here*? Talk to the arts person who has displayed incredibly intricate embroidery, and the fighter who just won the tournament, and the fencer who... Ok maybe not them. 😉. (I love my fencers, I also love teasing the fencers)

But cross pollinate, talk to folks outside your circle and make connections. It makes us a stronger Kingdom and a stronger Society. 

And with that, dear Princess Diary, I'm going to tuck the Chatelaine Soapbox away for a bit and try to organize more "Princess Stuff" getting ready for April 6th. I hear Mom and Dad have big news for Ôzurr and I. (I hope it's a kitten!)

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Princess Fortune