Monday, March 30, 2020

Researching Oaths

His Highness and I are working with Master Malcolm Bowman on oaths for Coronation based upon the "Promission Ducal" sworn by the Doge of Venice at his Inauguration, specifically the Promission of Enrico Dandolo (1192-1205):

* To govern righteously according to justice

* To increase the prestige of Venice

* To readily do justice to everyone

* Apply the laws impartially

* Do justice to false documents

* Keep the secret of what was discussed in the councils

* Do not collect or appropriate assets or revenues due to the Municipality

* Do not grant anyone the seal of the Duchy

* To arm at least ten ships at the expense of the Municipality

* Not to influence the election of the Bishops and the Patriarch

* Do not send personal letters to the Pontiff, the Emperor or the Kings
* Not to appoint judges and notaries arbitrarily

* To respect collegiality in the management of power

So, despite being from 1192 many of the promises are surprisingly timeless (you do wonder if a couple of these have names on them, I'm looking at you - "do not send personal letters").

Although, with the great job Settmour Swamp did on our new *wooden* chests, I bet they could outfit 10 ships... 😉

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