Saturday, August 8, 2020

Tyger Queen Diaries - Dispatches from Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch #6 from War.

This is my army.

There are none like it.

And this one is mine.

And I love each and every one of them. 💛💛💛.

The reserve tank is low. The emotions are high. And yet... Seeing the faces of my warriors preparing for the Bridge Battle replenished me. With joy and determination in their eyes they took the field.

Thank you, my beautiful killers. Thank you.

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune

Tyger Queen Diaries - Dispatches from Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch #5 from War. 

Today I took a walk into the Woods with Kenric.

Her Grace Avelina handed me Kenric's Champion Tabard at Archery Champs this morning. 

Intact with the good juju, and now one or two of my tears I took it into the Far Side of the Woods with me. 

But that was not enough. That is not where he would have been. So Jarl Ivan took it where I could not go. 

And my Tygers and Our Allies fought so fiercely. With such love. And returned to me time and time again covered in Dragon's Blood.

I am so proud of my warriors. So very proud. 💛

Stripes Proudly Showing and Claws Out,
Queen Fortune

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Tyger Queen Diaries - Dispatches from Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch from War #4

Tonight we reminded the Known World that the E in East is for EXTRA.

We attended the State Dinner in MidRealm Royal tonight. His Majesty Edmund of the Mid and Ôzurr had agreed to wear each other's colors. So He and Her Majesty Kateryn wore purple and gold and we wore red. Thankfully Mistress Sofia had just completed a GORGEOUS slashed silk doublet for Ôzurr and I had made a burgundy velvet dress to match with embroidered 2 part sleeves from Leonete and Thyra. (A huge thank you to Bianca, Daniela, and Margreta for helping me get dressed) We even got to wear the portrait pendants Lord Alexandre

gave us at GNEW.

And while the other royalty walked or took Royal golf carts, His Majesty Ôzurr and I rolled up in my beloved gondola.

We were fashionably late and let me tell you - it was an entrance.

His Majesty was not convinced the downhill portion of Our trek was going to work well, but I had faith in my Guard. My Guard who, I would like to mention, started playing O Fortuna as soon as we got started moving. As we passed the playground We even acquired a kazoo chorus accompaniment from the playground.

I'm pretty sure I laughed the entire ride.

Our Royal Cousins were, it's safe to say, surprised.

Thank you to Goerijs and the East Kingdom Stagecrafters Guild for making my gondola, La Serenissima, a reality. We have surely won the Style War Point.

Love and Gilded Kisses (from my gondola),
Queen Fortune

(Photo by Baroness Bianca Angussola)

Tyger Queen Diaries - Dispatches from Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch #3 from War.

Today I followed my King into War.

His Majesty stood alongside Our dear friends and in front of Our Foes and Allies We broke the war arrow, and then loudly and clearly blew the war horn across the Battlefield signaling the start of Pennsic.

Earlier that afternoon We had sat in Mid Royal with Our Warlord, Our Generals, and Our stalwart Allies as Ozurr and Edmund discussed the kind of War They envisioned: one truly between eternal friends.

We have experienced Pennsic between Crowns that have true animosity and have watched the strife seep into every aspect of the event, poisoning the experience for everyone.

We did not want that.

Their Majesties Edmund & Kateryn did not want that.

And so the two Kings have worked very hard to create a War littered with F bombs. In this case F is for Fun. (In case you could not tell from the "Hippies" who protested Opening Ceremonies)

And despite winning the first battle: an impromptu dance off at the foot of the Battlefield - thanks to the wonderful drummers of La Familia Gladiatoria who brought the energy and the magic again this year - tomorrow We truly go to War.

But I hold right now in my heart the sight of my beloved Populace and Our Allies filling the East Kingdom courtyard. I walked out from behind the thrones and saw a sea of people. All of them smiling, laughing, and gathered to show the might of the East. I just stood for a moment, drinking in the sight of so many people I love in one place, for Us. I sometimes still cannot believe that We are lucky enough to get to lead the fiercest, most talented Populace in the Known World.

No matter your stripes my Tygers, you make me proud. Now let's go win a war together! 💛

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune

Tyger Queen Diaries - Dispatches from Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch #2 from War.

Today was a very good day. I hope yours was as well.

We started out by going to visit the King and Prince of the Mid who were each completing a Deed of Arms. While on the field I met up with Our cousins the King and Queen of Ealdormere Roak and Hyrrokin who are so much fun! I have been saying this many times that We are lucky to have the best other Royals.

I went on an unsuccessful quest to find lacing rings and successfully found many old friends in the marketplace. This is how Pennsic works.

His Majesty Ôzurr and I then went to Giata Magdalena Alberti 's Equity in the SCA 101 class. I have known Mistress Giata for many years online and from going to Gulf Wars and was thrilled when the BoD chose her to serve as the SCA Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

The East was well represented in attendees which gladdened my heart. There was a ton of great info and I cannot wait for the video to go up online. She made many great points like apologizing when you yourself screw up and also not piling on when someone else has. Apologies are hard, but you don't get to decide how you made someone feel.

My biggest takeaway was to practice what you would say in situations where you witness something. I had the night before had a chat with a member of the populace who was practicing with their older teen what to do if sexually harassed. Giving them a playbook of strategies if they are in a situation they don't feel comfortable in. We then in class role played scenarios Giata had collected which were tough, but that have happened. Thinking about what you would say makes it easier to quickly respond yourself to a situation or help someone else. It can be as simple as "Yo, not cool. We don't say stuff like that here."

So think about what you would do if you saw and create your own playbook. Just like with consent, it isn't fun if everyone isn't having fun.

Love and Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune

Tyger Queen Dispatches from the Pennsic War

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

Dispatch #1 from War.

Today's set up of East Kingdom Royal was a resounding success, I can only hope breakdown goes as smoothly. They let me sleep in so I woke to the dulcet tones that could only be Sir Colin as he and a few other Peers were setting up the Royal Oval.

I quickly had breakfast and set up the Vigil Chapel which was House Strangewayes big project last year for Pennsic, funny how this year our big project is the reign.

The Tyger's Cubs were very efficient and aggressive when needed to keep everyone hydrated and fed and this evening His Majesty and I rewarded them with a movie night.

Count Baldric is AMAZING and prepared for Us a projector with speakers, preloaded with a few of Our favorites. Ozurr and I went to the store and got a cart filled what a selection of snacks I can only describe as "twelve year olds with a credit card" and there was Jiffy Pop from Elizabeth Lovell.

My darling daughter Margarita De' Siena, Lady Ollala, and Lady Daniela and I put together some metal twin size bed frames, topped them with air mattresses and some fabric and we were ready to go!

Tonight we watched A Knight's Tale and they loved it! The adults all quoted along "it's called a lance... Hello" and one of the kids responded "Have you guys all seen this before???". Yes my child, many, many times.

The best moment was in the scene where the characters are all brainstorming ideas for the love letter and one suggests mentioning his lady's breasts and all the kids going "No no no no that's a terrible idea!". Queen Fortune's School for Young Pages is clearly doing something right. 

After just a bit too much sugar Our guests trundled off to bed. It was a wonderful time and will be a great memory. The perfect way to start this Pennsic. 

Love and Sugary Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune