Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tyger Princess Diary: Damn Fine Toybox Runner

From a year ago today:

Dear Princess Diaries,

As I said this weekend at Black Rose Ball: I feel it's my job as Princess to make sure wishes come true. 

Thankfully, Talen is still talking to me and he did provide the most energetic and longest Toy Box run I have seen since Her Then Majesty of the West Ariah Hume. 

You see, a week before Talen had told me about his experience *not* running the toy box for the veloci-... I mean children of the East. Instead, he got to run it from the B-blocks to the battlefield and then to EK Royal. Then running behind B as he ran the toy box.

And I could just tell, in the way a Princess can tell, that this really, really, disappointed him. 

So, when on Saturday I had the opportunity to make his wish come true I took that chance and called him up to the front of Court. As His Majesty handed him the chest he made eye contact with me and I could tell from the look in his eye and the tight smile he made that he would remember this experience for a long time, and knew it was because of me. 

The fire in those eyes warmed my heart.

So Talen, thank you for running Saturday and bringing joy to our kingdom's future. And thank you for someday forgiving me. 

Love & Gilded Kisses,
Princess Fortune

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