Friday, August 18, 2017

Where does the time go?

Goodness me, adoring public, it's been a whirl. I've become a dashing inter-kingdom woman of mystery since we last updated.

Well. Not mystery. But a girl can dream.

So when did we last meet? Last summer? A lot has passed since then.

The two biggest changes happened this summer. You see, I'm now a Baroness. (And a member of a polling order!)

Panteria 2017
Made a Court Baroness by the hands of King Ioannes and Queen Honig

Their Majesties made me a court baroness on Memorial Day Weekend, and then did me further honor by inducting me into the Order of the Silver Crescent, the East's highest award for service, at Great Northeastern War in July.

I'll do an entire post on the Silver Crescent because my scroll is INSANELY BEAUTIFUL.

So buckle up gentle readers, I'm going to fill you in on all that's happened.

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