Friday, August 18, 2017

A Dress Fit For a Future Queen

Crown Tournament last fall in the East was in Maine. We'll talk more about the complications that brought to my life later, but this post is about before that.

Lady Ada Wright is a hit at a Quintavian Demo
Lady Ada Wright was being fought for in Crown by her boyfriend Lord Corwin Blackthorn and in trade for a lovely tablet woven belt (It says Fortune Favors the Bold, Fortune Favors the Brave, Fortune Favors the Bling) I made her a dress worthy of a Princess.

We decided on a Burgundian gown in red and white, her colors red and white. I found a gorgeous cream jacquard and a deep burgundy velvet.

This being an outdoor event. In October. In Maine. I wanted to make sure she had a very deep velvet guard along the bottom of her skirt. Here's a few shots of it in progress and the finished gown before the event.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find shots of her at Crown actually in the dress, but it was gorgeous.

Deep velvet bottom guard on Ada's Burgundian
A different shot of the pins.
Each hem section was shaped and stitched a the top "in the ditch"

One of the sleeves, again with a deep velvet cuff. 

I also made a velvet belt with snaps to close it.

Lady Ada in the finished gown

Lady Ada's Burgundian from the side

The finished gown with the trucated henin her sister made for her

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