Monday, August 21, 2017

Going a-Viking with the Prince and Princess (post in progress)

In September a friend from the southern portion of my kingdom contacted me about commissioning a set of viking garb for himself and his lady for the East's big winter event Market Day at Birka.

He knows when to catch me in a moment of weakness and I agreed.

Crown Tournament seemed the best time to catch up and get measurements, but as he was competing I didn't want to get in his space beforehand so left it until after the fighting. We joked that this may become a royal commission if he won.

Joked. Ha ha. Hilarity ensues.

Then he won.

Queen Anna crowns Princess Honig

And there was no time to take measurements after the fact. So I met up with a very stunned Ioannes and an even more stunned Honig at a Dunkin Donuts in Maine to get measurements. We discussed a plan and I got to shopping.

I found the most GLORIOUS teal coat-weight wool at Sewfisticated in Framingham. They'd sold some to a local contestant on Project Runway but had enough for a caftan and Rus viking coat for me. Then I found for $2.99/yard ivory summer-weight wool for the hangerock/apron dress and used the Biking Red linen from Jo-ann's (thank you 60% off coupon).

Ophelia is my crack fabric-inspector

Now, let me just say here - none of this could have been accomplished without Lady Keziah Planchet. Keziah is a stitching STORM and did almost all the embroidery on Honig's coat and hangerock. She is amazing. Sagas should be written in her honor. BUT before she can embroidery anything - I have to pattern it out and sew it. Her blog is here.

For Honig I made three pieces and sourced a fourth:
  1. Long red linen underdress - using the pattern from my Viking handout here
  2. Ivory wool hangerock/apron dress - using the Vigdis pattern from my Viking handout here
  3. Teal wool caftan with peacock embroidery - using a modified version of the Viking underdress from above and shaping the front opening to have a long V neck. 
  4. A beautiful white fox pelt from Maine that I didn't want to give up and instead wear about always.
For Ioannes I made three pieces as well:
  1. Red linen tunic with contrast ivory yoke with blue "runestone" Tygers
  2. Brown linen viking pants
  3. Teal Viking Rus-style coat with gold silk trim

I had never done split stitch embroidery before - so I learned something new

Images of the finished garments:

The court at Market Day at Birka
Photo by Jeff Morton

Her Highness in her full outfit (minus the fox)
Photo by Jenn L Miller

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