Friday, November 6, 2015

Social Media and Memes

In September our gracious and beautiful Queen Caoilfhionn inghean Fhaolain (KEE-lin) started an "I am the East" meme.

You were supposed to post what labels you have, your name and I am the East.

Mischief Maker didn't fit in the title area
 Well, that seemed kinda boring to me. And I'm a bit of a rule breaker. (Tell no one!)

So then I created some more I liked a LOT more.

From the Courtesan Social
The picture is from the Courtesan Social at Pennsic

Then I thought - why not involve others?

Anna, Frosty, and Myself while Palio Contrada Captains
Or my household?

When you're an alterdamen, your heads stick together
Clockwise: Myself, Lysken die Waeyer, Simona bat Leon, Elinor Strangeways now Iulia, and Syele von Heidelberg
Or showcase pictures of really fun projects?

Lady Bianca Anguissola, Becca, Myself, Jacquemine van Bel, and Lady Cecily Windham

Or showcase REALLY old pictures of yourself?

Back Row: Myself, Simona bat Leon, Lysken die Waeyer, That-guy-we-don't-talk-about
Front row: Syele von Heidelberg, Iulia Agricola, and Leurona Winterborne
This was my second piece of garb ever.

From my first Birka ever. That chemise was 100% silk dupioni and I beaded the sleeves too. I have it in pieces in my attic. Someday Crannach gown, someday...

 You're welcome internets. There you go. That's as close to secret garb shame as I come.

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