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SCA Resume -

My Pelican - (golly that's weird to type) asked me to make up an SCA Resume. I've never seen one, but this is my best effort:

Fortune Sancte Keyne

Shire of Quintavia East Kingdom

Objective: To become a Tyger of the East. To have left a mark on the East Kingdom so that it was improved & would not be the same should I have never played in the SCA.
The Tyger of the East Badge

Event Steward:
  • Stonemarche Baronial Birthday - 2011
    • Household effort to autocrat
      • Primary liason between the site
      • Wrote up event listing, budget and proposal
      • Organized clean-up and set-up
    • Potluck event at the Kimball Jenkins Art Studios

  • Simply Allegorical - 2014       
    • Co-Autocrat with Simona bat Leon  
    • 130 person ball and feast event
    • Extremely successful event
  • Quintavia Shire Yule - 2015
    • Potluck Shire gathering
    • Gift swap organized

Assisted in the following Feasts:
  • Harper’s Retreat 2009
    • The kitchen failed around us, we lost half the stove burners and two ovens
    • Made the plum tart dessert
    • Prevented crying
  • Harper’s Retreat 2012
    • Ran the serving staff & Cooked
  • Carolingian 40th – prior to event cooking prep help
  • Harper's Retreat 2008, 2009, and more
  • Duello 2010 ran Gate with Simona bat Leon
  • Hrim Schola 2013
  • Birka 2011-2015
  • More I'm sure I'm forgetting
  • Royal:
            -Edward and Marguerite
- loaned as retainer to Artemesia with Simona bat Leon for King Daman MacMillan & Queen Veronique D'Arcy
            -Edward II and Thyra I
            -Edward III and Thyra II
            -Kenric I and Avelina I
            -Gregor and Kiena    
  • Baronial:
- Baron Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier and Baroness Maria Pagani
- Baron Dorio of the Oaks and Baroness Jocelyn del Espada
- Baron Rob McMinn and Baroness Emma McMinn
- Baron Colin Ursell and Baroness Nicolette Bonhomme
Note: Bianca and I retained during a very overwhelming part of their investiture, the meeting of House Runneymeade and receiving of gifts.
Service at Pennsic:
                               Pennsic East Kingdom Gate – 2008-2012, 2014
                               Herald’s Point
                                         -Coloring and Data Entry 2009-2012
                                         -Ran front of house for the afternoon Wednesday War Week 2014
                               Pennsic Hospitality Tent 2015
                                               -organized a Household shift to man the Hospitality Tent            
                       Fundraising Coordinator for Edward II and Thyra I
                       Created the Investiture Garments for Baron Dorio of the Oaks and Jocelyn del Espada

                       Created the Quintavia Defender Half-Cloaks
- Five pieced, appliqued and embroidered half cloaks

Assisted in creating the Stonemarche Server Tabards with Siobhann Floyd
Worked Security at Birka 2004-2010
Waterbearing at Sommer Draw

Chatelaine –Shire of Quintavia
7/2011 to present
Recruited several gentles AND coaxed veterans to come out and play with Quintavia
Started the stART on the Street demo (street fair of 10,000+ people)
Made the local papers twice! 

  • West Boylston Fall Festival 2011, 2012, 2014 (certain years this falls on Coronation)
  • Franklin Charter School Demo 2012, 2013, 2014 (sadly program cut)
  • stART on the Street 2013, 2014, 2015*
  • Webelos Blue and Gold 2015
  • Quintavia Open House 2014*
  • You Inc Fall Youth Demo 2014, 2015
*created this demo

  •  Award of Arms 
Andreas IV and Gabrielle II
Their Coronation - Concordia of the Snows
April 2009
Notes: As Fortune St. Tysilio
  • Seamstress to the Baroness
Barony of Stonemarche,
Notes: Creation of a Venetian gown for Baronessa Maria
Including cut velvet sleeves for Birka
  • Seamstress to the Crown
Edward and Marguerite
Edward II and Thyra I
Notes: Created the first regalia for Edward and Thyra for Tir Mara
A heraldic surcoat for her and a heraldic hood for him
  • Queen’s Esteem of Merit - Thyra II
Black Rose Ball 39
Notes: For always being willing to do whatever demo or event her Majesty asks
  • Keeper of the Light of Quintavia
Quintavia Yule 2012
Inspiring service in the Shire

                        Order of the Furison
Baronial Order– Barony of Stonemarche
Inducted: Harper’s Retreat 2012

Classes Taught:

                        Late Period Venetian Women’s Clothing
                                    Harper’s Retreat 2009
                        Pilgrim Bag
                                    Harper’s Retreat 2010
                        Quick and Dirty Viking Gown
                                    Harper’s Retreat 2011
                                    East Kingdom University 2015
                        Italian Working Class Dress/Fruitseller Dress
                                    Harper’s Retreat 2010
                        Venetian Drawers
                                    Great Northeastern War 2014
                                    Pennsic 44 2015
Rountable Classes Led:

                        SCA Bargain Shopping
                                    Harper’s Retreat 2010
                        Courtesan Persona Roundtable
                                    Pennsic 44 2015
Protege to Master Dorio of the Oaks - October 2015

Further Resources:

            EastKingdom Wiki Page:

           Pinterest: msfortune

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