Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Introduction: Meet Lady Fortune

They say the hardest thing about writing is the blank page. I'm pretty sure the hardest thing about blogging is the empty blog. I've been delaying starting this blog because I didn't have "just the right opening" or "just the right project" to showcase.

Well, we're done with that ladies and gentlement. Tonight we're just going to get it started.
*Hello Internet! My name's Fortune! What's yours?*

A brief bio in which I may talk about myself in the third persona.

My name in the Society for Creative Anachronism is Lady Fortune Sancte Keyne, generally shortened to Lady Fortune St Keyne. I'm currently newcomer officer/Chatelaine for the Shire of Quintavia, which covers most of central Massachusetts, in the Kingdom of the East.

My persona is that of a courtesan, which is generally expressed by hosting some pretty epic events and parties. More on that later. I also sew, teach, paint silk, belly dance and cause laughter and mayhem as an Alterdamen of House Strangewayes.

Also if you're on Pinterest, you may have noticed, I'm on Pinterest.

I have no formal "persona story" as I find most persona stories end up sounding like the start of a D&D campaign and become so crammed with every detail of a person's hobbies that they are outlandishly offputting. The general outline being that I was born of a Welsh fabric merchant father and Venetian mother of lower nobility and am currently "widowed" living in Venice in the 1530s as a cortigiana onesta, or honest courtesan, the intellectual variety of courtesan. My apartments are home to a wide variety of visitors and while my talents are not as Veronica Franco's or Tullia d'Aragona 's in poetry, I boast a fine wit and am excellent company.

My blog will be an ongoing account of my research, projects and adventures.

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