Thursday, September 3, 2020

Tyger Queen Diaries - Harper's Retreat

Dear Tyger Queen Diaries,

My champion, His Majesty Ôzurr, protects His Kingdom and the Tyger throne fiercely and through many weapons forms. He is a Tyger with claws, ready to defeat any foe foolish enough to cross his path. 

He fights with rattan and with Rapier, he throws weapons with skill and panache, and recently he got his own bow and arrows. His Majesty excels at all martiall arts (and I'm sure it is the confidence he has in his archery skills that led him to select grass colored arrows) and at Harper's Retreat he and Our Chief of Staff Duchess Thyra carved out some time and went to shoot at the archery range. 

I had become complacent, surrounded by my excellent Guard, the SCA family of my heart in Stonemarche, and especially with Himself to protect me. But our resolute King is never complacent. While on the Archery Range, surrounded by both Our champions of Archery and some of the best archers in the East and I will say, the Known World, he felt uneasy. 

There was a threat that none of the others were concerned about. None of the other archers that day sensed the malice lurking in the nearby woods, none but mighty King Ôzurr that is. He carefully lulled his enemy into a false sense of security through a few shots at the target and then, with one masterful pull on his bow, felled the malevolent presence with a precise shot directly at its heart! 

Thus the seemingly dead branch was pierced and the strength of his royal arrow snapped it right off the tree and the carcass lay upon the field for all to witness. 

This picture shows the joy and relief from Her Grace Thyra that His Majesty vanquished the evil stick and it could not threaten the Populace any more. 

We are so lucky to have such a stalwart and watchful King, whose keen senses and aptitude in weapons forms keeps us safe from all threats.

I, for one, rest easy knowing Ôzurr the Boot Giver, storm born King of the East protects these lands and Our people.

With Love and Gilded Kisses,
Queen Fortune

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