Sunday, February 23, 2020

Tyger Princess Diary 1 year ago today

Dear Princess Diaries,

I may be a princess, I may very much want to be a Disney Princess, but that Disney princess is most certainly not Ariel. 

You see, I wanna be where the people are (warm).
I wanna see, wanna see dry land again. 
Walkin' around on those... What do you call 'em? Oh. Pallets!
Sloshin' 'round in boots you don't get too far
Mud's too deep so we are jumpin', slidin'
Strollin' along down a (What's that word again?) river!

Mud where you walk
Mud where you run
Mud everywhere in this Kingdom of the Sun!
The water view's free
But wish I could be, back on dry land!

Soggy Love and Gilded Kisses,
Princess Fortune

P.S. Yes, His Highness and I (and most of our camp mates) are safe at a hotel.

1 comment:

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